What came before

Long ago, before this blog came into existence, I had another personal website.

In large part, that site owed its format to my contrarian nature. As a lifelong devotee of doing things the hard way, for reasons that I can no longer quite remember I decided to eschew the standard blogging frameworks in favor of a homebrew mess of Javascript, static HTML, and baling wire. The result was a halfway-decent site, that looked more appealing (to my eye) than generic template-based blogs like this one.

But the nature of the internet, it’s becoming increasingly apparent, is change. Slicker, more buzzword-compliant widgets replace old obsolete models, and whoever longs for permanence is barking up the wrong media format. Like the rest of the world then, I am opting for convenience. And yet, and yet… I am a sentimental creature. Rather than tossing all that old content out the window, I’ve kept it around in a semi-mothballed format.

For those who are curious, the predecessor to this blog can be found here.

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